Download Drastic Ds emulator APK(Latest Version)

About Drastic Ds Emulator APK

drastic ds emulator apk

Drastic ds emulator apk is one among the best emulators available till date and not only best but also the powerful Nintendo ds emulator, The main focus of this app is to enable the users to play high graphic Nintendo games with no issues and everybody knows how crazy Nintendo is as it has a large amount of fans and now they are increase in number of fans because of the advent of all the new smartphones releasing every year.However the drastic emulator has summed up with lost of amazing features like game storage, screen customisation and many more. The drastic ds emulator is presently unavailable on the google play store but you can find it here by following the link Visit here ,

The drastic emulator is loaded with huge amount of features like increase emulation etc so before installing this application let us know about some of the features of drastic ds emulator

Features of drastic emulator

  • Alright, the very first feature in our list is customisation of your screen resolution, yes guys you can customize your screen according to your availability which can be 2x times that of normal resolution(it also depends on configuration of your smartphone it converts according to it).
  • Net thing in our list is you can improve the graphics of the game as well as increase the emulation of the app.
  • Next is you can play the games in both landscape as well as the portrait modes.
  • Simillar to other emulators in this also you can save your game lever or game state either offline by directly on the SD card or online by storing on the google drive
  • It has a very decent and simple user interface which is very easy to understand and use .
  • Unlike other emulator it supports many physical controllers in the devices like NVidia etc.
  • you can tweak, have more fun in the game with those unlimited number cheat codes.

Those were the features and now let us know the steps to install the drastic ds emulator apk.

Steps To Install On Android Smartphone

  1. Download the application from the link provided above and then Install “Lucky Patcher”.
  2. click on the Open Menu for Patches > Remove License Verification > AutoModes >
  3. Then check on Auto Mode(Inversed), Other patches, remove dependencies, Apply Patch to Dalvik-cache
  4. Then click Apply

Thats it you have installed it successfully

What 3ds Emulator is?

3ds emulator is same as that of drastic emulator which is available for free to download and this application allows you to play games like super Mario, hitman, pirates and more unlimited number of games and this came early in november which became very popular.

Altogether i could say this application is the best without any doubt both in terms of features and performance, if you don’t understand the above process of installation then follow below video to get a complete idea of it